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British potato farmer cum lottery winner gives away free potatoes

A lottery winner has given out thousands of potatoes from her farm to help deal with food shortages caused by coronavirus panic-buying, the BBC reports. Susan Herdman, 51, hand-picked the vegetables before giving them free of charge to people in North Yorkshire.

She delivered spuds to self-isolating families and a home for disabled children in Boroughbridge. Ms Herdman took action after hearing about people stockpiling food, leading to empty shelves at supermarkets.

She said: “To me, it’s not a big thing, we’re just giving away potatoes. “I don’t understand selfish people, I’ve been a giver all my life. Hopefully it proves that farmers aren’t that tight.

Ms Herdman ran a hair salon before winning £1.2m on the lottery in 2010, moving from Herefordshire to live on the farm.

She had been due to plough the potatoes back into the ground after recent wet weather but changed her mind due to the coronavirus crisis. Ms Herdman said her offer of free spuds over Facebook “spiralled out of control” and she spent all weekend delivering them.

Full report on the BBC website here

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