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How Coronavirus has changed the British potato market and the way AHDB supports the industry

This week AHDB Potatoes in the UK published a podcast outlining some of its analysis into consumer and wholesale markets, our thinking on consumer marketing and some of the ways that the lockdown has affected AHDB’s services to the industry.

In this episode you will hear from Dr Sophie Churchill, chair of the Potato Board, who will offer an overview of the work that’s underway to support the British potato industry.

Then you will hear from the Market Intelligence (MI) and marketing team for a fresh update on the markets and the campaigns AHDB Potatoes has been running.

At the end of the podcast you will hear how the AHDB monitoring systems and SPot farm trails have been affected by this crisis. 

In this episode the following AHDB Potatoes team members are interviewed:
Sophie Churchill

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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