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COVID-19 crisis influences the global and North American potato industries

Dear potato folks, the current and daily issues regarding the COVID-19 crisis are no doubt impacting most of us, and also the industries that we are involved in, of course. Most – if not all of you – are indeed experiencing this on a daily, and even on a hourly basis.

Here, from my vantage point as editor and publisher of Potato News Today, I wish to tell you that I am receiving dozens and dozens of emails as well as other messages via my online accounts from folks telling me of how they are being affected seriously by this unprecedented crisis and suffering – right now and daily, as we speak.

From my vantage point, there is really no potato producing country in the world left untouched by this pandemic from what I can tell. I can for sure recount COVID-related stories from many, many potato producing countries around the globe. I can relate to you stories from around the globe, but let me stick to a few of these from North America for now.

In the US, where the National Potato Council says the potato industry is $4 billion annually with 60 percent of that total involving food service, potato growers across the country appreciate Secretary Perdue

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