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Maine Potato Board seeks assistance from USDA to move stored product

Much like fruit and vegetable farmers elsewhere in the U.S., Maine potato farmers are hoping aid will come their way. Don Flannery, Executive Director of the Maine Potato Board, says though potatoes have a longer shelf life, time is growing short to move stored product.

“We’ve worked collectively with the National Potato Council in other states and trying to get USDA to give direct payments to growers that are suffering these losses, but also take some of the pressure out of the pipeline I spoke with – about. You know, let’s move some of this product that’s out there in freezers or dehy plants – we don’t have dehy in Maine but, you know, they do in the west and other areas. Let’s, you know, let’s get these out into feeding programs. Let’s do that sort of thing,” says Don Flannery.

Read the full report and watch a video on WAGM here

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