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A world-only? Mr Potato Head in Rhode Island now “COVID-correct” with face mask and all…

If there is something that can be said for certain about potato lovers around the world, it is that they all passionately care not only about their favourite veggie, but most often about each other’s welfare. This simple truth can be seen when you look at the loving care bestowed on the Mr Potato Head statue at the Clements’ Marketplace in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He now (dutifully) wears a face mask – signifying the realities of the times we live in today.

The mask is the handiwork of Jackie (Jacqueline) Davis, who lives together with her immediate family in Portsmouth, Rhode Island in the US. Potato News Today caught up with her to find out how this came about and what it took to actually make the mask.

“The idea for the mask came from a friend of mine,” Jackie told PNT. “She suggested that he really should be wearing a mask like all the rest of us. I reached out to the management at Clements

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