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Spudly Words: Quotes worth remembering from recent potato news reports

Dear PNT readers: During my daily (and often nightly) online searches to find sensible breaking news items to share with you here, I oftentimes come across sayings and words of such sheer eloquence and relevance to a specific topic at hand that I believe these should be highlighted or underscored and repeated in some way or another. This article lists a handful of these quotations – and is my humble effort in doing just that. And since the COVID-19 crisis overshadows the news media at this time, all of the quotes below will be related to this reality all of us are confronted with currently. I realize that many of you have read the news items from where I extracted the few quotes below, but as I said – sometimes it can’t harm to be reminded…
If this kind of article works for you, please let me know and I will do so again in future? And thank you for reading…


It will be a concern to their bottom line, it will affect their operations, it will affect their families. It

Lockwood Mfg







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