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Saturday funny: When line spacing and fonts fail…

Dear PNT readers: Just because it’s weekend, and because most of us can do with a smile after many weeks in COVID-19 lockdown, I wish to share the following with you.
The folks who run the 22Words website put together a list of examples of what happens when “spacing and font fails” occur in the text used on company billboards, advertisements, etc etc. The 22Words team says: “There’s a reason that graphic designers have a job — because they are experts at design, spacing, fonts, and the art of a clear message. In other words, they can help avoid certain situations in which the message isn’t quite clear. But… just one random space or bad font choice can completely change the message. Sometimes hilariously and inappropriately so…”
I post a few of these examples below – you can view the full list on the 22Words website here.


What the Flick?

via: Imgur


Flickering…flickering lights...


Trade ‘Em In

via: Imgur

Who thought this would be okay?? Change their sex just like that??

Space, people. Make sure to include a space.


Pointing the Finger

via: Imgur

I’m sorry, what’s broken??

Gee whizz… That sounds like a very personal problem indeed…


Suiting Up

via: Imgur

Or you could eat some really spicy food and get them for free, you know?

Ohh… you meant to say suits!!


Fungi Fail

via: Flickr

Good mushrooms, bad spacing.

Maybe something was lost in translation.


Bottom’s Up

via: Imgur

Come on now? What kind of class are you taking??


Feeling Blocked

via: Twitter

Come on, LEGO.

Get it together.


In the Cards

via: Mirror

I think it’s supposed to be a very special “aunt,” but then again, maybe she has a bit of an attitude problem and this isn’t a font issue at all...


Wigging Out

via: Imgur

Well, well, that’s a strange combination of products, right?


Home, Sweet Home

via: Reddit

No thanks.

I’m pretty sure that’s not even possible, and if it is, that would set some sort of record.


Picture Perfect

via: Reddit

I don’t know what kind of life moments they’re trying to capture here one at a time, but I want no part of that, thanks.


Team Effort

via: Imgur

I’m not sure I want to know what goes on in that open house.


Order Up!

via: Imgur

Poor Clint.

He just wanted a drink, and not an insult.


Click Happy

via: Twitter

What you do on your own time is your business, but…come on, now. That’s not even close.


What The…

via: Imgur

That doesn’t sound all that relaxing…

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