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The great potato giveaway: Photo collage of a series of most unprecedented events due to an epic potato glut

Everyone involved in the potato industry is at this point aware of the massive potato glut that is currently at the order of the day in particularly the giants among potato producing states in the US – Washington and Idaho. And as we all know, this is a direct consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis that is part of our current daily reality.

This is a glut that was unforeseen just a number of weeks ago; a glut that is unprecedented and historic in volume and scale; is threatening and disrupting the livelihoods and operations of many potato growers; put an unusual strain on a previously oiled and highly effective supply chain and retail system; and will no doubt have dire consequences for the potato industry in the near and even medium future, and it will effect everyone down the line – from farmers to end consumers of fresh and processed potatoes and potato products.

In several cities and towns across the Northwest potato farmers started to give away potatoes to food banks, other charity organizations and the general public in order to put perfectly good product to some use before it spoils.

In the collage of pictures below is a collection of some pictures that were published in dozens of publications the past couple of weeks to accompany reports about the public potato giveaway and the potato glut as such.

The great potato giveaway: Washington State farmers hand out spuds ...

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