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Now in Eastern Canada: Unique eco-friendly hydrogel that helps maintain soil moisture, reduces watering frequency

Éco+ is proud to announce the addition of a revolutionary new hydrogel, Stockosorb 660, to its product line.

The Stockosorb 660 hydrogel is a unique product that is mixed with fertilizer and put in-furrow to help maintain moisture in irrigation and dryland crops such as potato.

According to Marc Richard Agr., President of Eco+: “We are very proud to offer Stockosorb660 to farmers, as this product responds well to current environmental issues. This product, registered by the CFIA, allows for better water retention and thus reduces the watering frequency.

In addition, it mixes well with fertilizers and breaks down naturally in the soil without any harmful residues for the environment. We are proud to present an eco-friendly product. Producers will be able to purchase this product from their supplier today. “

In fact, this hydrogel technology consists of storing water and nutrients in small hydrogel pouches and thus reducing the whims of mother nature, Marc Richard says. “The root is hydrated more regularly and over a longer period.”

Marc points out that thanks to this technology, a single Stockosorb660 crystal can absorb up to 70 to 120 times its weight in water, which can reduce the watering frequency by up to 50%. Stockosorb660 reduces wastes and allows a better management of our precious natural resource.

This new hydrogel is compatible with granular fertilizer and already available at ECO+.  10-12 lbs per ac is the recommended rate on sandy soil. Available through Ag Retailers by request.

The brief video below can also be viewed on YouTube here.

ECO+ a young and dynamic manufacturer and distributor specialized in minor elements, as well as mineral and organic fertilizers. The company produces and distributes over one hundred and fifty products such as liquid, soluble and granular micro nutrients, fertilizers and Biostimulants. Its large inventory and production capacity allow ECO+ to quickly serve clients in broadacre agriculture, horticulture, green houses and industries.

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Stockosorb 660 from Eco+

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