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GroPro provides a biological crop protection solution for control of nematodes in potatoes

Currently the world is facing unprecedented challenges such as unpredictable weather patterns, efficient control of pests and diseases, depletion of our resources, and nowadays even suffering from the effects of a pandemic. No wonder then that agriculture is one of the most innovation-driven industries, as farmers all around the world are looking for and create new solutions for a multitude of challenges.

On the global production front, nematodes are one of the most destructive pests, causing at least 5% of total crop losses – exceeding US$10 billion annually. For potato producers in particular, the potential and real harm damage caused by nematodes are often devastating. As most potato farmers know, nematodes can decrease potato yields on average by at least 20%. Some species of nematodes, such as pale cyst nematodes, are able to cut potato yields by 50% or even more without appropriate treatment.

Nematode damage on potato roots

Major potato-producing countries USA, Australia, the UK, India, China, and Russia have had many waves of potato cyst nematode infestations in the past. The result was a significant decrease in total saleable production and lower overall production of potatoes. For the global potato industry nematodes are costly burdens to successful production; they place a significant constraint on micro and macro levels, causing losses to farmers and a threat to global food security.

While the usage of many chemical crop protection products to control nematodes on potato are getting more prohibitive for numerous reasons, many farmers are turning to biological products because they are usually proven to be safe, efficient and economical to use.

GROPRO, Corp. a US based producer and supplier of biological crop protection products has recently launched a steady stream of products in the agricultural market. With multiple field trials completed in the U.S. and internationally, GROPRO has a proven track record of delivering natural and organic products, while allowing for growers to apply conventional agrochemical products within an integrated pest management (IPM) framework.

One of GROPRO’s flagship products is Vigilance Nematicide, the companies’ answer to farmers’ need for effective and safe bio-based nematode control solutions, and yet still being able to attain high yields and good quality.

Vigilance Nematicide not only protects plant roots from nematode damage, but also does not cause any undue stress to plants. Trials show that potato plants treated with Vigilance are visibly healthier above the ground and have no evidence of  stress after treatments than with the control crop in these trials.

Vigilance Nematicide:

  • Proven effective against multiple Nematodes species
  • Great results in all soil types
  • Can be applied via drip, flood, and overhead irrigation systems
  • Tank-compatible with fertilizers and other products
  • Safe for beneficial soil organisms and low stress caused to plants
  • Cost-effective 
  • A potential replacement option for traditional fumigation of soils.

We provide farmers with a unique and effective toolbox of new-generation products and solutions, ensuring our partners can develop their businesses successfully while addressing the demands of the environment,” says James Ronan, CEO of GROPRO.

GROPRO offers a diverse portfolio of products across the entire crop cycle for vital crops such as potato, soybeans, corn, sugar cane, bananas, coffee, wheat, rice, almonds, grapes as well as many other fruits and vegetables.

 “We are actively developing our current and future portfolio towards more environmentally efficient solutions. Sustainability is firmly rooted in our entire company’s decision process, from early research to product development. This empowers our development team here and abroad to develop effective formulations that benefit our dealers, growers, society, and the planet,” says James Ronan.

GROPRO’s approach includes a combination of unique natural ingredients and modern technologies to increase the bio-efficiency of its products. It includes impressive technologies such as the amplification of natural ingredients (essence oils etc), micronization, as well as atomic extraction of active ingredients.

GROPRO strives to keep an integrated research and development focus at the forefront of its business, firmly believing that “when innovation thrives, discoveries with a real impact for today’s chllenges happen.”

For further information, please get in touch with:
Kyle Peterson
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +1-833-GRO-PRO1

Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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