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More potential for early potatoes in Europe due to increased private consumption

As a staple food with a long shelf life, potatoes are currently among the favourites on consumers’ shopping lists. The potato market in Germany and throughout Europe is benefiting from this. On the other hand, sales in the catering trade have slumped sharply due to the closure – especially processed potato products are suffering as a result.

Valentin Beckmann, from Maurer Parat LLC, in Germany answered questions about the potato market.

He told FreshPlaza: “The demand for table potatoes is quite good; compared to the same, post-Easter period of the previous year, consumption and sales have increased significantly. Supply and demand for early potatoes for human consumption are more or less in balance, the market is rather scarce for goods from Cyprus and Israel, and prices are stable and clearly stand out from the demands for Egyptian early potatoes for human consumption.”

The retailer is increasingly switching its assortment to early potatoes and expects noticeably higher demand in the near future. The first Spanish potatoes are now also on the market and a more extensive supply from Spain is expected for week 21/22.

All in all, supply is guaranteed: “Due to the known limitations, however, bottlenecks are also to be expected again and again in the procurement of imported potatoes. If the old harvest does not last until June/July, Beckmann expects a great potential for this year’s early potatoes. “Especially in view of increased private consumption, we see opportunities here.”

Read the full report in FreshPlaza here

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