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Why Wisconsin potato farmers could be in trouble

As of now, potato farmers in Wisconsin haven’t been hit too bad by the coronavirus. They’re going to be hit this Fall, according to a report by WHBL Radio.

Travis Cleven of WHBL reports that the Midwest farmers haven’t been hit bad yet, but the farmers on the West side of the U.S. have been. 

Potato farmers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington have had to destroy potatoes because there’s nowhere to bring them. A lot of their potatoes usually go to schools, restaurants, and hotels. Since the coronavirus, the demand dropped significantly. 

The problem for Wisconsin growers is that a lot of the state’s potatoes have gone to the fresh produce side of the industry. That’s totally fine for now, but once Fall hits and you have the potatoes from the Midwest and the ones coming from the Western states, it’s going to be an issue. This means there’s going to be a huge oversupply of potatoes. 

For Wisconsin farmers, they might not even break even on the crop this year because of the abundance of potatoes.

Read the full story on the WHBL website and listen to an audio file here.
Photo: University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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