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Belgapom explains why early potatoes from the Mediterranean are in supermarkets now

Consumers in Belgium might have noticed that in most supermarkets currently also packed early potatoes originating from the Mediterranean area are being offered. The Flemish media in Belgium have given attention sincere attention to this.

Belgapom recently presented an explanation for this phenomenon.

Belgapom mentions\ that traditionally the fresh potato market in Belgium starts by the end of May / beginning of June by packing imported potato earlies originating from Cyprus, Israel and Malta. The consumer is looking to accompany his asparagus dish by early potatoes. After a number of weeks the origin of the early potatoes turns to Spain and Germany. Only in July and August early potatoes from Belgian appear on the shelves.

This can be explained by the fact that potatoes from the old crop destined to the fresh market are being stored in cold stores (avoiding chemical sprout suppressants such as CIPC), which results at the end of the storage season into modification in the starch patron of the crops. The cooking water gets a brown colour and potatoes get a sweet taste.

Most of the firm-cooking varieties of the old Belgian crop are sold out, partly because of the increased sales resulting from a higher level of home consumption of potatoes since the outbreak of the Corona crisis and the lockdown measures.

Read the full explanation by Belgapom on its website here

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Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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