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The future of drones in farming

Data, and the analysis derived from drone flights, is critically important to a farmer. The most common use case of drone derived data and analytics is early weed and disease detection, which protects crop yield and reduces herbicide use.

Farmers also look for plant counting analytics, which can increase yield by improving early-season replanting and better predict yields, in the data they are looking for from a drone system. These use cases and others also have a valuable labor savings component as well, as human crop scouting, either by farm staff or a paid agronomist, is potentially reduced.

American Robotics’ Scout System, a fully-automated drone system, takes care of the mission planning, flight, charging, data processing, and data analysis, so their customers only need to focus on what to do with that information. Scout was introduced back in 2017.

Future Farming asked American Robotics CEO Reese Mozer 5 questions about what the Scout system has to offer and how the company sees the future of drones in farming.

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