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Heartbreak in Malta: Potato prices fall steeply as exports dwindle in the pandemic

Maltese farmers are devastated to find that their potato harvests will not be accepted as exports in the COVID-19 crisis. Sam Vassallo reports for Lovin Malta.

“The farmers are desperate. This isn’t something they handle overnight but they actually invest months of their time and a lot of money,” head of farmers’ lobby G?aqda Bdiewa Attivi Malcolm Borg told Times of Malta.

Farmers spent thousands of euros to tend to their crops for around half a year. With around 500 tonnes prepared to be sold overseas, demand and logistics to export the crop have been severely hit since the COVID-19 virus outbreak began in mid-March. 

Maltese potatoes would normally generate around €2 million per year for local farmers, and whilst a sack of 25 kilos would sell for €12, this years’ sacks are going for half that price.

With few options to sell the bulk of the crop, farmers are looking into ways to get rid of it, like turning it into feed for animals.

Source: Lovin Malta

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Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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