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Storms and the Guatemalan moth reduce potato harvest in the Canaries by 30%

Potato production in Tenerife will significantly decrease this year due to a wind storm that hit the island in late February, which wiped out a good part of the extra-early potato crop. And then there was also damage done by the Guatemalan moth plague that has been affecting Tenerife farmers for more than 20 years.

According to the Cabildo de Tenerife’s agricultural area, 30% of the total harvest will be lost.

Javier Parrilla, the director in charge of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries at the Island Corporation, said that the traditional varieties had been the most affected, which includes the Bonita potato that is mainly grown in the northern area of the Island as a rain-fed crop and that has also been severely affected by drought.

Further, he said, the so-called white potatoes, the best known and most demanded varieties, may also have been damaged, especially in the southern region.

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