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Eagle Eye Produce: Potato market insights, investments, and more

 Jordan Okumura of AndNowUKnow reports that “the awesome potato has been a hotter category than usual as of late, with demand spiking through the spring months. As we get our foothold in June, the potato market is finding some stability for Eagle Eye Produce, though the consumer’s passion for the produce item is staying strong.”

“For Eagle Eye Produce, the market as a whole has normalized and is steady after months of strong retail demand and elevated pricing. We are back to where we typically are for this time of year,” Dallin Klingler, Marketing and Communications, shared with Okumura.

“This year has been quite the anomaly for us and the industry as a whole. We are happy to see that foodservice is starting to come back online. We are in a great spot with our supply and expect a smooth transition from storage crop into the new crop as we have made big investments into storage technology over the past few years.”

“The important thing is that we elevate the category as a whole during these uncertain times. We are hoping to see foodservice rebound now that restaurants are starting to reopen across the country.”

Read Okumura’s full report on AndNowUKnow here

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