Sunday fun news: Hot-doggin’ pooches spread joy from back of motorcycle

Mike Doucette pulls up to an intersection in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Canada), and the man in the car beside him looks over and does a double-take, reports Shane Ross forCBC News. 

Did he just see what he thought he saw?

Yes he did. A small black dog on the back of a three-wheeled motorcycle wearing a baby blue helmet and matching goggles. Low-riding in a custom-made carriage attached to the back is a bigger dog wearing a pink helmet and goggles…

The man’s quizzical look turns to a smile as the light turns green and Doucette drives away.

“The expression on people’s faces, it just makes my day,” Doucette said.

Ruby, a seven-year-old golden retriever, and Reno, a five-year-old golden doodle with not a spot of gold, have been a consistent source of joy and distraction for Doucette and others in the otherwise difficult time of COVID-19 isolation and unrest. 

Doucette and the dogs moved to rural Prince Edward Island from Ontario three years ago after he went through a divorce. 

“I love riding my bike and I don’t want to leave the dogs at home, I mean, they’re a big part of my life,” he said. “For me it’s like taking my kids out. It’s just a fun time and I try to include them in all my activities I do and they’re my constant sidekicks.”

“With the bike, they associate fun, they’re going to usually go to the water and we throw the Frisbee and they know they’re going to get an ice cream and so the bikes to them is a fun thing. So they’re all for it. They enjoy it.”

Full report (with more pictures and a video) on the CBC Charlottetown website here
Report and photos: Shane Ross/CBC

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