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Investigative Report: Potato production in Egypt – ‘Export demands increase interest in bio-pesticides’

Agriculture is not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Egypt. Meanwhile, Egyptian agriculture represents about 12% of national GDP, valued around $250 billion, which is generated through the cultivation of various field- and cash crops.

Being mostly a desert, Egypt is currently the biggest supplier of potatoes to the EU. Surprisingly, all these results have been achieved with low input usage – the average annual consumption of pesticides is said to be much lower than the international average. So, how do they do this?

GROPRO Corp. a US based producer and supplier of biological crop protection products, has recently completed a investigative agricultural tour of Egypt.

Says the GROPRO delegation of specialists who visited Egypt: “The GROPRO team wants to break the stereotypes and show the results of our investigation concerning the potential of Egyptian agriculture. Our company made an exciting trip to Egypt in March 2020. Now we would like to share some insights to prove that Egypt is a high-potential and dynamic agricultural sector.

Egypt: ‘Turning deserts into agricultural fields’

GROPRO shared the report with Potato News Today, based on the findings of the delegation of specialists who visited Egypt. It is our pleasure to publish it below.

Egypt, mostly a desert, has put together an effective agricultural production, especially in the specialty crops segments. The agricultural region in Egypt is for the most part confined to the Nile Valley and the Nile Delta, with a few oases and some arable land in Sinai. Egypt

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