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In search of a way to destroy Colorado potato beetles: ‘Transfer the coronavirus…’

In this tongue in the cheek piece by columnist John Wetrosky from Minnesota, he recounts his own and other gardeners’ run-ins with Colorado potato beetles in the past. And he comes up with the perfect solution…

“Some of my gardening friends have given up raising their own spuds,” John writes. “They’ve experienced potato famines due to these little critters. Oh yes, there are sprays and dusts on the market that say they are effective on potato beetles, but rarely do they work as well as the label states. My dad’s formula to dispatch the bugs was the use of lead arsenic…”

John recounts how he and his wife some time ago returned home with fresh fish fillets after a delightful fishing trip, only to find the potato crop in their garden in shreds. Beetles being the destroyers, of course.

So, now John is lobbying for scientists to find a way to transfer the coronavirus to the potato bug.

“There must be a way if the virus can find a way to get into humans, that we can somehow get that virus into a potato bug and get rid of it for us?” he writes…

Read the full column by John Wetrosky’s in the Pine and Lakes Echo Journal here

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