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Maleic Hydrazide as a potato sprout suppressant: A review from the UK

Maleic Hydrazide (MH) is a potato sprout suppressant that was first identified as a plant growth regulator in the 1940’s and in the early part of the following decade its activity on potato as a sprout inhibitor was discovered. It acts by inhibiting cell division but not extension of existing cells. MH is applied to the growing crop as a foliar spray, not as an in-storage treatment

In an article published by AHDB Potatoes this week, it is said that the reduction in permitted treatments rate for CIPC have driven an increase in MH use in recent years. A total of 20,000 acres (15% of all crop) was treated in the UK in 2016.

In a visit to mainland Europe in spring 2019 by AHDB staff, all commercial processing stores visited were using combination treatment that included an application of MH. It was a

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