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‘The Gamble’ – The Washington potato story

This is an excellent historical documentary that tells the compelling story of how potato farming became established in Washington State in the US.

Far from being a dry, and merely factual account of the history that underpins modern day potato farming in Washington, this documentary succeeds brilliantly in telling the story from both an entertaining and a deeply human perspective. For example: One of the interviewees recount the story of a young farmer wife (who grew up elsewhere) during the dry 1930’s who turned to her husband during a particularly heavy sandstorm, asking him: “Is that a tornado?” To which the husband responded: “Honey, that’s just our land blowing by…”

The Washington State Potato Commission ( says on its website: “The Gamble is a 60-minute documentary that explores the personal stories of farm families and their heritage. Through the colorful and touching stories of those who have endured the evolution of the industry, we learn firsthand the true grit that it took to survive and prosper.

I have little doubt that not only potato farmers, but those working in the farming industry in general around the world, will have great appreciation for the inspiring Washington potato story after watching this documentary. Our sincere hope is that the potato growers in Washington will be able to overcome the negative impact that the 2020 pandemic had on their beloved industry.

This video is truly unique in its class and well worth a watch.

I post the 3 minute trailer, as well as the full length video itself, below. These can be found on here.
It can also be found on YouTube here

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