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Dewulf launches new cultivator

Potato and root crop equipment manufacturer, Dewulf, recently announced the launch of the new SC 360 cultivator.

This machine follows on the heels of the previously introduced SC 300 and SC Compact, and is the third type in the SC series of cultivators, which have already made a name for themselves as reliable and extremely durable.

The SC 360 was developed for growers who plant 4 x 90 cm rows and want perfect planting bed preparation. The cultivator fits every tractor model and can be mounted at the front or back. With front mounting, it can be easily combined with a potato planter for an efficient planting process. The SC 360 cultivator is said to be reliable, self-cleaning and low maintenance.

With its large rotor diameter of 650 mm, the Dewulf SC series tills deeper than most other cultivators in the same category. As such, plenty of loose soil is made available for optimum ridge formation and the best possible growing conditions.

The SC 360 is equipped with no fewer than 132 tempered steel hooks to take on any type of soil. The cultivator is available with various options, such as chisels or clod breaking roller.

The SC 360 is now available via the Dewulf dealer network.

Source: Dewulf

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