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Blight fungicide Percos has tuber blight recommendation on its label

The blight fungicide Percos (ametoctradin and dimethomorph) from BASF is one of the few blight fungicides which has a label recommendation for reducing tuber blight, according to a press release issued by BASF in the UK today.

Percos is also said to have the benefit of being from a unique class of chemistry. Ametoctradin is a complex III inhibitors (pyrimidylamines) with a totally different mode of action to all other complex III inhibitors in the market.

BASF says ametoctradin is an excellent complementary partner for other actives; helping bring out the best in both active substances when partnered. It inhibits mitochondrial respiration to provide effective protectant activity by preventing spore germination plus a direct and indirect effect on zoospores, stopping them being released or preventing movement for those already present.

Within this group of respiratory complex III inhibitors, there are a number of sub groups where the target site of activity has already been confirmed eg Qol inhibitors or strobilurins (famoxadone and fenamidone) and Qil inhibitors (cyazofamid and amisulbrom).

Ametoctradin is different and is classified as a QoSi inhibitor, binding to the stigmatellin subsite within the respiratory complex III.

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