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Over the last three years, potato growers lost the approval for the most commonly used herbicides: linuron (in 2017) and diquat (in 2019), AHDB Potatoes says in a news release. It says weed control management has become a challenge, which experts are now trying to resolve by researching alternative options at the Strategic Farms trials.

During the trials at the AHDB SPot Farms, two herbicide options have come forward: Emerger (aclonifen), a product manufactured by Bayer Crop Science UK, and Shark (carfentrazone-ethyl), manufactured by FMC Agriculture. 


Emerger is a residual herbicide and it was investigated as a potential replacement for linuron. 


The efficacy of Emerger, which is a residual herbicide, was studied in trials at SPot West (Heal Farms, Shropshire) and SPot North (RJ and AE Godfrey, Brigg, North Lincolnshire) in 2019. Last year

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