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A beleaguered industry: British potato growers expected to deliver higher quality products with less irrigation water

The British potato industry is under pressure due to increased expectations of potato quality from the supermarkets. Previous studies have shown that irrigation plays a crucial role in reducing common scab, but water resources are less available than before, says AHDB Potatoes in a recent news release.

AHDB points out that water resources have diminished over recent years, becoming more expensive and less available due to strict licencing. Previous AHDB trials have looked at which irrigation system could be the most efficient in terms of water consumption and how water can reduce the risk of common scab in potatoes.

This year the comparison of irrigations systems continues. There is also another approach to  water availability issues could be overcome by studying the use of brackish in potato irrigation.   

SPot Farm trials

In the 2019 trials that took place at SPot North Farm, RJ and AE Godfrey, experts looked at the use of three of the most common types of irrigation systems: gun, trickle and boom. The focus was on water use and costs.

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