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Malta donates tonnes of potatoes to drought stricken Namibia

Remember those tonnes of potatoes local Maltese farmers couldn’t sell because of COVID-19? Well, it seems Malta’s foreign affairs ministry has found a kind-hearted solution, Sam Vassallo reports in Lovin Malta. .

Next week, Malta will donate around 500 tonnes of local potatoes to Namibia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed.

Local Maltese farmers, who were struggling to sell their potato crops and the pandemic, were paid at least 30c per kilo for their produce. The Ministry bought a total of 468 tonnes of potatoes for €187,200, three-quarters of which will go directly to local farmers.

The shipment of potatoes is set to leave on a two-month journey this Monday to the drought stricken African state to help address their food crisis.

Malta’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said this act of goodwill, supported by the Overseas Development Fund, will help at least half a million people who suffered intense drought during the pandemic and it would be mutually beneficial to both countries.

Agriculture Minster Refalo said the initiative could lead to a new niche for local produce which could be of benefit to local farmers in the future. 

Source: Lovin Malta

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