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Dear Potato News Today readers, please find here a few quotations that we selected from news items published on our site the past couple of weeks. We believe these reflect the current state of affairs in different sectors of the potato industry, and in several countries around the world.

2020 acreage [in Alberta province] is not yet tallied but process acres could be 20% less than in 2019. …A significant disappointment lies with the seed industry, now faced with burying 12,000 tonnes of seed inventory, after in mid-February facing a perceived shortage of seed.

Kevin MacIsaac, United Potato Growers of Canada

This year, the Irrico Group in Russia plans to harvest more than 50,000 tons of potatoes, a third of which will be delivered to several large processing plants of international and domestic companies producing chips, french fries, potato wedges and starch.

Potato System news item

The shipment of potatoes [from Malta] is set to leave on a two-month journey this Monday to the drought stricken African state [Namibia] to help address their food crisis. Malta

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