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McCain brings ‘Potato Smiles’ back to Australia – as ‘Emotibites’

Shoppers are racing to get their hands on McCain’s classic Potato Smiles after the nostalgic snack disappeared from Australian supermarket shelves five years ago. Thousands of Australians have been rallying for years to bring back the iconic childhood treat after it was discontinued in 2015, Brinkwire reports.

But the frozen food brand has since revived Smiles – giving the fan favourite a very modern makeover with a new name called EmotiBites Mashed Potato Shapes.

‘For many Australians, these are something they’ve looked back on fondly as part of their childhood. After years of build-up, it’s heartening to know that they’re meeting expectations,’ McCain Foods marketing manager ANZ Karen Ramsay said. 

‘With the new shapes, Australians are not just welcoming Smiles back to their tables, but also winks, flowers, hearts and thumbs ups. It’s great to see that people of all ages are having fun with all the new shapes.’ 

Prepared EmotiBites
Photo: Punkee

When considering bringing back Smiles, Ms Ramsay said the brand wanted to ensure the product had a contemporary feel alongside the nostalgia. ‘In the 90s, Smiles were a classic for the pre-digital era, now they bring the same joy, but updated to reflect todays social world,’ she noted. 

Potato Smiles were once a popular snack as most 90s kid fondly remember ordering them at their school canteen. ‘Remember these? The taste of our childhood,’ one said, while another added: ‘A vivid memory of having these at home after school.’ 

The company has seen a constant stream of requests from consumers to bring their childhood classic back to Aussie supermarket shelves – with more than 50 per cent of requests on McCain’s Facebook page demanding their return. The petition, which began in 2015, currently has more than 25,000 positive responses.

Source: Full report by Brinkwire
Photo: Punkee

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