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Russia’s Irrico Group to supply potatoes for Lay’s chips

Potato System reports that the Irrico Group of Companies in Russia signed a contract with Frito Lay Manufacturing LLC to supply Stavropol-grown potatoes for the production of the Lay’s brand chips.

The Irrico group is involved in intensive crop and vegetable farming on 29,000 hectares of crop land in the Stavropol Territory in the south of Russia, producing a total of about 150,000 tonnes of agricultural products, including potatoes.

Irrico grows potatoes using advanced technologies that are customized to fit the unique characteristics of the Stavropol region and meet international standards. The use of modern irrigation systems allow the company to produce high quality crops.

Deliveries of early potatoes will begin at the end of June this year. A modern high-tech vegetable storehouse, together with a high level of staff expertise, allow for the long term storage of potatoes during the winter-to-spring period and the delivery of stored potatoes until the end of June each year.

“Lay’s particular chipping potato varieties are grown by us in accordance with PepsiCo’s stringent quality standards. Our advanced agricultural technologies and a modern irrigation system make it possible to start delivery already in June, which is much ahead in the time for harvesting by agricultural producers in central Russia,” said Victoria Askhabalieva, Commercial Director of the Irrico Group of Companies.

Alexander Kostikov, Communications Director of PepsiCo in Russia: “All Lay’s chips that we sell in Russia are produced exclusively from potatoes grown in Russia. For chips special varieties of potatoes are needed, and we place very high demands both on the quality of the potatoes and on the production practices of our suppliers. When we include a potato supplier for Lay’s in our pool, it is a kind of “quality stamp” for the farmer, confirming compliance with international production standards.”

PepsiCo is the largest commercial potato processor in Russia. Each year, the company purchases more than 350 thousand tons of potatoes from local suppliers. In order to completely localize its raw product base in Russia, the launched a program in 1996 to support potato suppliers.

As part of this program, potato farms are provided with high-quality planting material, and farmers receive ongoing assistance and expert advice, and also participate in workshops to stay up to date with production developments. Thanks to this program, PepsiCo is able to ensure that it receive high-quality raw product in required volumes.

This year, Irrico plans to harvest more than 50,000 tons of potatoes, a third of which will be delivered to several large processing plants of international and domestic companies producing chips, french fries, potato wedges and starch.

Source: Potato System

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