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Kiremko commissions fry lines with the newly developed ‘Kiremko remote service’

Processing equipment manufacturer Kiremko was awarded the contracts to supply landmark state-of-the art fry lines in North America and North Africa. The company says these totally up-to-date, complete lines were largely constructed in The Netherlands and shipped to their destinations just as the COVID-19 restrictions were being applied.

This presented Kiremko with a real opportunity to employ a new way of installing fry lines that had been under development for some time internally and in collaboration with their associates. Everyone involved were “ready to go” when lockdown hit.

This new way is called the Kiremko Remote Service and it uses state-of-the-art “Augmented Reality“.

Kiremko Director Andy Gowing enthused:

“This is a game-changer! Our installations go all over the world. The usual custom is to follow these installations with our engineers, who will fully install, test, refine and commission these installations on site. Naturally, that means a lot of travel and also a lot of time.

For Kiremko – as the most sustainable installer in the Netherlands – we have been developing and testing another way forward which has resulted in the creation of the Kiremko Remote Service (KRS). Lockdown gave us the real opportunity to take this development to the industry with the full support of our customers.

During the development of KRS, we found a most promising answer of Realwear AR-Glass.

This marvellous technology comprises a headset equipped with a camera, sound and a virtual tablet. We send these “glasses” to our end user who can then use their own, on-site engineers to carry out the installation testing and refinement with our engineering team virtually by their side.

Our engineers, via computer, table, or smart phone, can see and hear exactly what the client’s team do and can communicate with them as if they were side-by-side with instructions, guidance and the Kiremko expertise to facilitate the installation.

We believed that working this way would also give the client’s engineering teams a more proprietary view of the installed line and that seems to be a very important added benefit.

Of course, the Realwear AR-Glass system is not only extremely useful for commissioning lines in such difficult times as the Corona outbreak – it has huge possibilities in the future for installations plus helping our clients with even preventive maintenance and other engineering tasks.

Also, in the rare event of a major problem, we have the potential to get our more remote customers up and running again much, much quicker.

Having the Kiremko expertise readily available offers huge benefits. Outside of that, it saves in travel time, travel expenses and is another step forward in further lowering our CO2 footprint.”

So, how did this work in reality?

Ton Hendrickx, Kiremko’s General Sales Manager said:

“Very well. Very well indeed! We were already excited by our trials and tests and whilst the Covid-19 pandemic is so terrible and prevented our engineers from travelling, it gave us the opportunity to turn our in-depth trials into reality earlier than planned.

As a very useful side benefit, we now have a complete ‘as it happened’ record of the installation and commissioning proceedings which is extremely useful.

Plus, of course, KRS can help reduce costs, another thing our customers will appreciate.”

Kiremko, understandably, did not wish to make more details of the KRS public at this time, nor providing the names of customers, though they do expect to issue an in-depth case study of KRS in the near future.

Source: Kiremko BV
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)348 479400
Email: [email protected]

Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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