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McCain building its first potato processing plant in Russia

The Russian language newspaper Kommersant reports that McCain Foods recently started with the construction of its first potato processing plant in the Russian Federation.

The facility is reportedly being constructed in the Tula Oblast region. Tula is the largest city in the Oblast and located 193 kilometers (120 mi) south of Moscow in European Russia.

According to the report by Kommersant, McCain Foods Holland and McCain Europe established McCain Foods Rus LLC in Uzlovaya in the Tula Region in June. A Kommersant source in the market confirmed that McCain is working on a project building a plant for the production of French fries, which is reportedly being built in the Uzlovaya Industrial Zone in Tula Oblast.

According to the Kommersant article, some of the conditions agreed upon by stakeholders involved in the project, are zero import duties and no VAT payments until 2065, and for the first ten years, the income tax rate will be 2%. McCain

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