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Potato Showcase week: AHDB to share market, agronomy, research information with growers

The British potato industry would usually gather over the course of the summer with events across the country, but due to current restrictions AHDB says it is facing the challenges of finding new ways to get together and share information across the industry.

A week dedicated to the potato industry 

The Potato Knowledge Exchange team at AHDB pulled together a week long programme of information – 6th to 9th July – which would have been showcased in field activities. This would be a critical time of year with growing crop considering current agronomic management, future solutions coming through research programmes and thinking about the market dynamics ahead.

The week has been designed to showcase AHDB services and how they mirror growers’ work on farm. Join AHDB as the organization starts with the market and work through how its long term research plans interact with the agronomy challenges you face on farm. Finally, on Thursday follows an introduction to AHDB’s Strategic Potato Farms and the growers that host them

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