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Scotts sends its largest ever Evolution separator order to France

A UK manufacturer of vegetable harvesting and handling machinery has supplied its largest-ever order to France. Scotts Precision Manufacturing has sent 12 of its Evolution separators to DOWNS, a French manufacturer of potato handling and storage equipment. 

According to a press release issued today, the unique machines, which gently separate vegetables from soil and clod and haulms, will be incorporated into DOWNS grading machines which have been ordered by farmers across France, Belgium and Europe.

The presence of heavy soils and an extremely wet harvest have necessitated the need for a robust and efficient cleaning system, with the Evolution being specified by DOWNS because of its reliability and innovative features.

“Our customers are mainly growing potatoes and carrots, and as the Evolution is a very efficient system in heavy conditions and very reliable, it is perfectly suited to our needs,” says Guillaume Planchon, sales director at DOWNS. “Our designers also like the Evolution as it is easy for us to integrate the system into our grader range to offer a unique solution for our customers.”

DOWNS ordered its first Evolution from Scotts in 2012, and since then a further 45 units have been sent to France for inclusion in grading machines currently in use across Europe and further afield.

The Evolution was launched in 2005, with over 650 being sold over the last 15 years. 

The latest version of the Evolution features maintenance-free direct-drive motor and gearbox units on each extracting shaft. 

A new generation of Polyurethane spiral roller has been developed and integrated into the system. This new design features large air chambers and a “foam pocket” section that improves the grip on root clusters to reduce blockages.

Matt Shaw and Derek Scott, Directors of Scotts Precision Manufacturing,
in front of an Evolution separator

Protection to the lips from potential stone damage is maintained with the benefit of improved self-cleaning. Instead of the standard main crop spiral rollers with a 10mm tread pattern, less aggressive spiral rollers with a 6mm tread pattern are now an option. The 6mm tread is designed for customers looking to clean small potatoes or where high volumes of haulm and/or leafy material is an issue. The 10mm option continues to be the best option for farmers faced with significant clod problems. 

“The Evolution Separator is unique as it uses patented rollers to ensure that clod, dirt, stones, haulm, vines and loose soils are separated from the crop in a way that doesn’t damage the crop,” says Scotts’ managing director, Derek Scott. “The machines we’ve sent to DOWNS will be used with potatoes, but the Evolution is equally suitable for handling other produce, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, bell peppers and alliums.

“One of the Evolution’s unique selling points is its vast range of customisable options. No two Evolutions are the same.

“We believe that it is the Evolution’s versatility and excellent performance in the field that have made it so popular plus they’re built to the highest possible standards and backed up with fantastic customer service.”

For more information about Scotts Precision Manufacturing and the Evolution, please visit email [email protected] or phone 01205 270128.

For more information about DOWNS, please visit, email [email protected] or phone +33 6 44 16 10 66.

Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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