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Videos show best practices to minimize tuber bruising

The University of Idaho and the Idaho Potato Commission have produced a series of short videos in which growers will find hints and tips on how to minimize bruising of potato tubers throughout the production process and when moving potatoes into marketing channels.

These videos were recently uploaded by Bill Schaeffer to his YouTube channel.

The video below shows the best practices in handling potatoes while they are being unloaded from trucks and conveyed into storage that reduces bruise damage, minimizes foreign material and maximizes crop quality during storage. This video can also be viewed on YouTube.

The purpose of the next video is to show how operators can manage piler equipment in a way that reduces bruise and maximizes crop quality throughout storage. The video can also be viewed on YouTube.

The video below shows how to handle potatoes being unloaded from a storage into trucks to reduce bruise damage and maximize crop quality as the potatoes move into marketing channels. The video can also be viewed on YouTube.

Photo at the top: Kearney Hub

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