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Kids and potatoes: An endearing pictorial

Dear folks, during the course of the many hours I spend each day of the week scouring the Internet – and other sources – in search of sensible potato related information to share with you here on Potato News Today, I often come across some endearing photos and stories of kids and their ‘relationship’ with potatoes. I wish to share just a handful of these with you here – in the hope that you might appreciate the pictures as much as I do? As the expression goes – a picture often speaks a thousand words…

Cover photo: Sincere thanks to Evelyn Backhouse in the UK (and thanks to her Dad, Luke Backhouse for sending it to us for publication here – with Evelyn’s kind permission, of course).

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Getty Images
Luke Backhouse and daughter Evelyn in the UK
Alsum family, Wendy Dykstra, and grandchildren, the US
12 year old son Cameron and mom Jackie (Jacqueline) Davis, Rhode Island
Little Italian girl eating fries
Liyah Babayan her kid from Idaho
Little Italian girls eating fries
Little Chines giel (anon) eating fries
Potato family
Little girl carefully inspecting potatoes (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
Mary (anon) looking at a potato plant – in awe…
You’ve got to plant them, right?
Kids on a potato planter in the UK (Photo courtesy Luke Backhouse)
Stockosorb 660 from Eco+

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