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KFC works to win American ‘potato wedgers’ over to the fry side

KFC is reportedly working hard to win the love of fans of its former potato wedges over to its newly launched Secret Recipe fries.

As QSRweb recently reported, more than a few folks on social media expressed their objections to the brand’s fry refresh, professing true love only to the longtime potato wedges that have been removed from the QSR’s menu.

Now, the brand is hoping its National Fry Day promotion of the new Secret Recipe fries on Monday, July 13, will win those wedge-woed hearts over to the new, more slender slivers, according to a news release.

In order to do that, KFC has prices the new fries at 30 cents an order for Monday’s Hallmark holiday, with any other purchase. That’s about how much Americans paid for French fries in those frizzed-out hair days of 1970 and a value that will likely get more than a few to sample the new thinner coated fries.

KFC is hoping that effort will produce some converts since the brand said it tests nearly 10 different cuts of fries and seasoning combinations before choosing the of course “secret” herbs and spices used to produce the current offerings.

In fact, the seasoning ultimately chosen was being used by KFC in Australia.

Already, KFC said customers are gobbling up about 12% more meals with fries than they previously did with the thicker, less crispy wedges so many professed to loving across social media when the switch was announced.

Source: Read the full article on QSRWeb
Photo: KFC is offering 30-cent Secret Recipe fries on National French Fry Day Monday, July 13. (Photo provided to QSRWeb)

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