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Trending: Potatoes and a strong immune system

Maintaining a strong immune system and living a healthy lifestyle has been trending since before the shelter-in-place began. A March 10 Seattle Times article, Can you Boost your Immunity with Food?, suggests consumers choose immune-supporting nutrients such as Vitamin C and a plant-based diet.  Potatoes are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Folate and can help restore electrolyte balance because they have a high level of potassium in addition to sodium – two important electrolytes.

On May 26, Consumer Reports published The Power of Plants, based on the idea that the best diet to keep a body’s defenses strong is one based on whole, minimally processed food “mostly cooked at home.” The author notes that in addition to multiple nutrients and phytochemicals, plant-based foods also provide fiber, which feeds the healthy gut bacteria, and includes potatoes among the recommended fruits and vegetables as a good source of germ-fighting vitamin C and antioxidants.2

A June 22 article on Boosting your Immune System, suggests that as people head back to the office and venture to restaurants, many are taking supplements such as Vitamin C. Reina Marino, MD a physician at Jefferson Health’s Marcus Institute of Integrative Health agrees but advises sourcing the nutrient through fruits and vegetables. “Vitamin C does play an important role in the immune system and helps immune cells identify and kill viruses and bacteria, but the ideal way to get vitamin C is from food,” Marino reminds readers. “Five to seven servings of fresh fruits and vegetables would provide 400 to 500mg.” 3

Potatoes are a powerful source of these immunity-boosting nutrients and last a long time when stored correctly. Potatoes are a good source of vitamin C, 30% of the recommended daily value. Additionally, potatoes contain 7% of the daily value of fiber to aid in gut health. According to Potatoes USA, by storing them in a cool, dark place, between 45 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they can last several weeks. Additionally, some products such as Side Delights potatoes, are packed in special light-blocking packaging technology or an opaque bag, extending shelf life even further.4

Data from global market research firm IPSOS shows that as states implement reopening phases, health and safety continues to be the most important factor for consumers. Americans are apprehensive, and getting sick is driving that sentiment. The study also showed that consumers (78%) trust grocery stores more than any other experience.5

“As shoppers go back to work in office buildings, bringing a microwavable potato, such as a Side Delights® Bakeables™ to work delivers a fast, hot lunch without additional exposure to potentially crowded lunchrooms,” noted Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “In addition to wearing masks, we all need to do our part to protect ourselves and others. Enjoying Side Delights potatoes protects the body from within, is shelf-stable and convenient, and tastes delicious.”

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