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‘Stop cutting out white potatoes – they’re as healthy as sweet ones’, dietitians say

When trying to improve one’s diet, many people think they need to cut out potatoes. White potatoes, some of us have been led to believe, are fattening carb-bombs that should be shunned at all costs, especially if you’re trying to lose weight, writes Rachel Hosie in this article published by Business Insider.

Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, are halo superfoods that will turn you into a beacon of health, we’re often told. A burger is transformed into a low-cal meal by the addition of sweet potato rather than regular fries on the side, right? Well, not quite. Not at all, in fact, writes Rachel Hosie.

Three dietitians explained to Insider how the nutritional profiles of sweet and white potatoes are very similar, and they’re calling for people to stop demonizing the latter.

  • Both forms of potato have practically the same calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, and fiber content, registered dietitian nutritionist Shana Spence told Insider.
  • Sweet potatoes are slightly higher in vitamin C and significantly higher in vitamin A, but white ones have more potassium, registered consultant dietitian Ro Huntriss confirmed.
  • Both foods are nutritious, and cutting out white potatoes if you enjoy them is actually unhealthy, registered dietitian Eling Tsai MPH RD told Insider.

Source: Read the full article in Insider here
Photo: Insider

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