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The Russian magazine ‘Potato System’ launched a multilingual website and online communication platform

The Potato System magazine has been published since 2009. In February 2020, the magazine made a powerful leap into the Internet space: it launched a new modern multilingual website, opened groups for communicating with readers in social networks and instant messaging platforms. The English version of the website can be found here:

Answers to why these steps were taken and what plans the publication has for the future was given by Development Director Viktor Kovalev in a recent interview.

Has the magazine’s traffic increased since the launch of the new website?

Yes, and the increase immediately turned out to be much higher than we anticipated: at first, our site was visited by about 2 thousand people a month. By the end of July, the number of visitors reached 8 thousand people a day, and apparently, we will not stop there…

What are the reasons for such attention from readers?

Readers are attracted by up-to-date, constantly updated information, and the site is easy to use. In addition, information published on the magazine’s portal are now automatically translated into many global languages – that is, our publication began to work not only for Russian-speaking users.

What is it for? Will the publication stop being domestic soon?

Approximately 80% of the information published on the site of “Potato System” magazine is devoted to Russian potato growing regions. But we believe (and Yandex Metrika confirms this opinion) that everything that we tell about Russia (a country that is one of the largest potato producers in the world) is interesting not only to domestic readers, but to others living outside of Russia as well. And secondly, the topic of growing potatoes is international by definition, despite the differences in climate, technology, etc. Articles posted on our website are read and reprinted in Kazakhstan, Argentina, Canada, the Netherlands, even in South Africa, and this is great. The magazine brings together professionals from all over the world.

In the future, we plan to write even more about developments in the potato producing regions of Russia, but at the same time we will also keep a close eye on what is happening elsewhere in other potato producing countries.

Source: Potato System

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