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Global potato statistics: An overview

Dear Readers, in July 2021 Potato News Today published a news article with information related to global potato statistics for 2019 as provided by the FAO via its FAOSTAT database. The data has been updated in February 2022 and now includes statistics for 2020. We extracted the 2020 data for potatoes as it relates to “total production” (metric tonnes) and “total area harvested” (hectares), and present the results for 140 potato producing countries. 

Please go here to find the 2020 data on this website.

Readers can of course visit the FAOSTAT website themselves and perform their own searches of the database as preferred – the English version can be accessed here: From this page, choose “Production”, and then “Crops and Livestocks” and there you will find several options on the data you want to access.

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