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Propagating potato via True Seed: NAPB Borlaug scholar Natalie Kaiser

The 2020 meeting of the National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) continues – although virtually… Borlaug Scholar Natalie Kaiser is a Ph.D candidate in the Potato Breeding and Genetics Program at Michigan State University.

Kaiser is employing molecular and genomic tools to understand the genetic architecture of host plant insect resistance and to develop Colorado potato beetle (CPB) resistant diploid potato breeding lines.

She also studies the genetic components of self-compatibility in diploid potato to facilitate diploid potato breeding efforts. She aspires to convert potato into a diploid inbred/F1 crop propagated by true seed as a breeder in the private sector.

Listen to the podcast below, or on SeedWorld, in which Marc Zienkiewicz interviewed Natalie Kaiser recently (on the phone), and she talks about her work as a potato and plant breeder – and more.

Source: Report by Marc Zienkiewicz, published on SeedWorld here.
Photo: SeedWorld

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