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Down history lane: The first Spudnik ‘AirSep’ potato harvester marks the start of a potato equipment success story

Potato grower Matthew Porter approached Spudnik Equipment Company in Idaho in 2010 to see how he can increase the quality and reduce the bruising of the potatoes grown and harvested on his farm in the fertile but rocky soil of Maine.

After a year of development efforts, Spudnik’s motivated engineers came up with a new technology and a solution for Matthew’s problem. It was called the ‘AirSep‘. This novel technological concept allowed the birth of an advanced and unique potato harvester. And it was also the beginning of a success story in the history of potato harvesters around the world.

In the video below, you will learn how the first AirSep potato harvester came into being. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane… You can also watch it on YouTube here.

Source: Spudnik Equipment Company

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