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Lay’s is hoping some new potato chip flavors can partially satisfy some cravings folks may have for the food at some of their favorite travel destinations. Since you can’t hop on a plane, Lay’s is bringing the destination to customers, reports Sara Maslar-Donar for WKOW 27 News.

The four new flavors feature Greece, Thailand, Mexico, and Germany. For Greece, the chip has a tzatziki flavor. For folks who maybe want to be in Mexico right now, they can grab the lime and sea salt flavor.

If the sweet and sour food of Thailand appeals to you, then the thai basil chili chip was made for you. Finally, the beers and brats flavor is for those who are looking for a taste of Germany.

Unfortunately, you can’t just get them in the store: you have to win them. To do so, just reply to one of the company’s social media pages and tell them which country you’d like to visit.

On Twitter, Lays pinned this tweet @LAYS:

Source: WKOW 27 News | @LAYS

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