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France: Pandemic brought uncertainty to potato markets; focus need to be on quality, says UNPT

Covid-19 has shaken up all predictions and profoundly changed the fundamentals of the 2019 campaign in France and the rest of Europe. On the French fresh market, it has meant a revival in terms of household consumption. For the industry, on the other hand, it has caused factories to slow down due to the very sharp decline in restaurant activity all over the world. So says the National Union of French Potato Producers (UNPT) in a recent press release.

UNPT says in the release that the contracted volumes are processed late, the stocks of finished products are high and the pandemic is now impacting the entire planet, forcing factories to adapt their production and marketing strategies for the 2020/2021 campaign.

However, some potato volumes that were intended for processing have been redirected to alternative outlets (livestock feed, composting, methanization, export

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