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Wageningen UR offers PhD project for potato sustainability research

According to Wageningen University and Research (UR) in the Netherlands, climate change is likely to have a strong impact on potato productivity, not only because the overall climatic conditions change but also because extreme events, such as floods, droughts and heat waves and their combinations, are likely to occur more frequently. 

Wageningen UR is now offering a PhD research opportunity – in principle a 4-year PhD position – for the study of the ecology of potato sustainability. This project is said to be about understanding the effects of extreme weather events on potato development and on the yield and quality of the tubers. These effects can be viewed in relation to soil quality management and its implications for crop climate resistance and nutrient-use efficiency.

To this end, Wageningen UR says it will use a combination of designated experiments, and innovative modelling tools. These models will then be used to explore the production and quality of potato tubers under future climate change scenarios in case studies for areas with contrasting climate challenges.

Applications for the project is now open. The position starts ultimately 1 November 2020.

Source: Wageningen UR. Go here for further details and how to apply

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