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Latest Spud Scoop newsletter: No late blight reported

The latest Spud Scoop newsletter for the week ending on September 12, 2020 was published yesterday. Spud Scoop is a growing season publication compiled by specialists at NDSU Extension and University of Minnesota, combining information for potato growers. Contributors are Andy Robinson, Gary Secor, Ian MacRae and Julie Pasche.

According to information contained in the newsletter, no late blight has been reported in potato fields in ND, MN and MB. This week no late blight spores were found in the spore traps. This will be the final regular edition of the NDSU Potato Blightline for 2020.

Aphid vectors were down at all locations this week with cooler temperatures slowing down reproduction and movement. With multiple nights of freezing temperatures, potato vines in many areas have died. Because of this the spore trapping network will come to an end for this growing season.

Cooler temperatures have provided favorable harvest conditions. Ideal tuber pulp temperature for harvest is 45 to 65 F.

Go here to read the full newsletter in a pdf file format

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