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Zimbawean government embarks on potato seed production to curb imports

According to a report published by The Herald, the government in Zimbabwe, in cooperation with Kutsaga Research Station in the country has embarked on a potato seed multiplication programme – from mini-tuber to commercial seed potato.

This programme was launched in response to a critical shortage of seed potatoes which resulted in the country importing 60 percent of its total requirement, mostly from South Africa.

The research centre’s business development and marketing executive Mr Oswell Mharapara said they are multiplying seed potato, a move that is expected to ease shortages in the coming two years. Zimbabwe has resorted to importing potato seed after a reduced production of seed from the Nyanga quarantine area.

“As you may be aware, the bulk of potato seed is being imported from South Africa. What we have done is that we have committed resources to research that will ensure that we start producing disease free material from our laboratory.

Source: The Herald. Read the full story here
Photo: Seed potato multiplication green house at Kutsaga Research Station in Harare | The Herald

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