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Dear readers, please find here a few quotations that we selected from news items published on Potato News Today over the past few of weeks.


We’re pleased to see USDA has listened to the feedback of potato growers and created a simplified program that reflects the true impact that government-mandated food service disruptions have had on our industry. …Given the serious, long-term financial harm felt by many family farmers, we hope the more straight-forward nature of CFAP 2’s sales-based model will remove the hurdles for participation and provide more adequate relief for America’s potato growers.

NPC President and Idaho potato grower, Britt Raybould, on the USDA’s expanded Coronavirus Financial Assistance Program


It was fantastic. Until the virus hit, I was telling people I’ve been farming for 48 years waiting for a year like this, because it was kind of like a perfect storm, you know? It looked like it was going to be a good marketing year…

Idaho potato grower Randy Hardy on the outlook for the Idaho potato crop before the pandemic hit


Unfortunately, these are hard times for this great product. Many people in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Germany rely on the potato industry. So, it’s crucial that people, including politicians, take this industry seriously. Our suppliers, growers, traders, and processors hope the government will support them through this tough time.

Romain Cools of Belgapom on the 2020 potato season in Western Europe


It’s been a genuine privilege to support the development of Potatoes South Australia during the past eight years. In particular, I take pride in the strength of the Association in delivering value-adding, relevant R&D outcomes… I entered the industry with little appreciation of the importance of horticulture to the national economy, and depart it with a great respect for its enormous contribution to GDP – and especially the pivotal role that potatoes provide.

Robbie Davis, CEO of Potatoes South Australia, on stepping down


It seems like only yesterday that I first started work at GIC. Time really does fly, and I am incredibly proud of what the team has achieved in the last 21 years. So much has changed in the packaging industry since 1999. The machines we are manufacturing now are so much more sophisticated than the ones we supplied in the late nineties.

Managing Director of GIC, Andrew Beal, on celbrating 21 years with the company


At the moment we don’t have third country equivalence and if there is no deal, it will not be in the offing straightaway. This would stop all exports of potatoes to the EU – both seed and ware. …It is quite an alarming prospect at the moment and I am not sure all the industry is aware of the potential scenarios.

Patrick Hughes, AHDB head of export trade development – potatoes, on the potential of a Brexit no-deal with the EU


It might come as a surprise to most Americans that the French and the Belgians have heated arguments about which of them invented the idea of frying potato slivers in hot oil, given that a large majority of our countrymen just assume they were invented by a clown named McDonald in Iowa somewhere, and presented as the perfect accompaniment to the hamburger and Heinz ketchup. The fact they they appear so simple, yet seem to be so difficult to master, may be one of the reasons we are so drawn to them…

Journalist David TOdd McCarty on the mysterious complexity of the common french fry


I think potato farmers have had good prices and demand. People are eating at home. All these signs are good for us. Our crops should be better than last year for sure. It would really surprise me if it wasn’t. Prices are strong. I think we’re set for a pretty good year.

Jim Ehrlich, executive Director for the Colorado Potato Administration Committee on the outlook for the 2020 season in the San luis valley


The factors contributing to the low and declining yields include losses due to attack by a range of pests and diseases. A second main reason is the repeated cropping of potato on the same land without rotation. Third is the use of poor quality or substandard seed, partly due to limited availability of certified high quality seed.



Our self-sufficiency in vegetables and potatoes is falling and it’s low in fruit. We can and should drive a horticulture revolution. At a time when we should all be eating more fruit and veg, we should be looking to our farmers to deliver more quality, affordable and home-grown fresh produce to our shelves. This will need government investment in agriculture and, crucially, our water infrastructure…

NFU President Minette Batters on Britain’s recovery from COVID-19

Cover photo: Martin Sidor: One of Long Island’s last commercial potato farmers | Courtesy Newsday. Watch video here

Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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