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Idaho potato harvest going strong

Idaho farmers are hoping this year’s potato harvest will be better than last year. A manager at Wilcox Fresh potato company says this year we are seeing a good start to the harvest season, according to a report by Ariel Schroeder for KIFI/KIDK.

“So far, it’s been a really nice fall. The weather’s cooperated really well with us for harvest and we’ve been able to get started. We’re probably approaching halfway hoping to finish strong this year,” said Derek Peterson, Vice President of shed operations at Wilcox Fresh.

Farmers are crossing their fingers that the weather will continue to cooperate and avoid a repeat of last year. 2019’s potato harvest was hit with frost that stopped spud companies in their tracks and caused extensive crop damage.

Source: KIFI/KIDK. Read the full report and watch a video here
Photo: KIDK 3

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